Friday, November 20, 2009


Walking around Samoa you will hear the word Palagi used quite a bit. At first a lot of us thought it was something offensive and wondering why others called us that. Not only are we called Palagi, but the English language is also called Palagi. When asking school children to say something in English, they might look at you funny because they do not know what that word is…but as soon as you say Palagi, they will sometimes start chatting away.
We were very confused about this term and wanted to know the facts behind it. We talked to some of our trainers and they were telling us how it is actually the opposite. The term came about when all the Missionaries were invading Samoa. They said it was like a beautiful sea of white people.
Being a Palagi you are definitely recognized everywhere you go. You are always getting the maximum amount of attention. People stop you to talk to you walking around the streets, at a fia fia (party) everyone is always approaching you to siva (dance), and children will just follow you to wherever you may be heading to next. It feels as though you are a celebrity.
It also does have its negative effects as well. You are assumed to have a lot of money. If you are heading to the shop to get a snack those children who are following you will also expect you to purchase them a stack as well.

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