Monday, January 30, 2012



About two weeks ago I was on the jumbotron at a Nuggets game.  It was really exciting, not only because I won an awesome prize and got to be courtside to see how tall the players really were, but it is always cool to see your face somewhere else.

Last week I was on TV (Altitude), since I was at the location where they were filming the fans for the Nuggets away game against the Knicks.  (Are you sensing my Nuggets pride yet?)

I just finished being interviewed by TV3 about my current job assignment.  The interview was conducted in English, and was pretty intimidating since I am still brand new to the job.  Afterwards they asked if I wanted to try the interview in Samoan, they told me it is okay if it is broken Samoan with incorrect grammar. After the first question about my job, the rest of the questions were about learning the language and how I plan to use it in the future.

I am a complete superstar, who knows where you will see my face next?  Maybe a movie?


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