Monday, January 4, 2010

Tradegy at Church

Tragedy at Church
This morning I went to church ready for another normal Sunday. I headed there after the first bell rang. I was talking with some of the adults in my community when all of a sudden we heard a loud sound. We looked down the road towards Foailalo and saw a woman lying down in the middle of the road with a van next to her.
She was dressed in her Sunday clothes as she was heading to the Methodist church. People from all directions ran to help her. One of the people in our church drove right over towards her and loaded her in the car to take her to the hospital at Foailalo.
The service went on as normal, with a short mention of the tragedy on the first Sunday of the year. (Also another mention to me about how there are plenty of available handsome men in Foailuga for me to pick from.)
I was grabbed by the hand and taken for to’ogani at someone’s house. While we were eating we heard the church bells right. The people I was eating with went on their phone and found out the bells were for the old woman as she had just passed away.
When I got home after eating I found out from my tina that was the reason they worry about me being on my own. They do not trust Samoan drivers as many of them drive without licenses and are reckless.
It has been such a sad day. Hopefully it will turn around. My little sister told me now that she is fefe (nervous) to walk around. I hope are community grows in strength from this.

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