Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cyclone evan continued

Evan seemed to come out of nowhere and hit us.. Sure we were warned
wednesday afternoon that a tropical depression was coming and could
turn into a cyclone.. But we had gotten these messages so many times
over the past 3 years..and they usually were nothing! Later that night
i was given a phone call telling when the cyclone was to hit Apia [i
also had gotten these messages in the past when the cyclone never
came..] but when my husband got a call from his parents saying 3
families were evacuated into their house and the mango tree just
missed hitting the car when it fell.. And the bread fruit tree fell
down to block the road i knew this was now serious! We woke up early
and as soon as the stores opened we loaded all we could fit into our
back packs.. And headed home to camp out for the storm.

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