Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Six days ago cyclone evan hit us. It was pretty incredible since it
was my first real cyclone [i am on this side of the world so it is not
a hurricane] and it came just a mere month after the rest of my family
had their first cyclone experience in new york. Six days isn't much
but i remember reading on face book people complaining of being with
out electricity for fewer days..i wondered how they got online.. And
now i see how amazing internet on phones really is... Although unlike
them, i haven't really gotten pastemail on the phone... But as i stand
here by candlelight eating fake spam and crackers fully aware that we
will probably be without the luxuries of electricity and running
water.. I am still happy i am where i am. After spending hours
cleaning mud each day out of office buildings i know that a nice swim
in the sea awaits me to clean myself and i am happy just to do my part
as it has been beautiful to see everyone helping their neighbor. I am
so proud to be a part of probably the strongest community

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