Monday, April 12, 2010


So in going with the Earth Day theme I thought I would share something that I learned in the paper. For years now cars in the States have begun to be run on corn gas. It is great because it is good for the environment (and has been costing less). I just learned how they are doing something similar here…
“Vehile runs on coconut oil” was the title of the article I just read. Apparently a few environmentalists got sick of using gas and decided to use their other options. They started with pure coconut oil, but found out that the oil solidified and blocked the fuel filter…which I am guessing is not good. Now they use 80% coconut oil and 20% kerosene and apparently it runs great.
In the paper they have a picture of him filling up the gas tank which is comical. Imagine using the shell of a coconut to fill up your car. I bet it must take hours!
What are they going to use the coconuts for next?

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