Monday, April 5, 2010

the roach battle

I was learning to accept and live in peace with the roaches. They live in the bathroom and sometimes come into my bedroom, but we tried not to cross paths. We were doing a great job the first few months, until I made the mistake of sleeping on the mat on the floor….
Last week I decided that I would be a little more Samoan by sleeping on the mats on the floor and I had drifted off into the most comfortable sleep, when I awoke to something crawling in and out of my legs. I tried to go back to sleep covering myself a little better, but it happened again. I jumped up and turned on the lights and saw a cockroach scurrying into the corner. I took my sheet and made it into a cocoon for me and thankfully no roach entered it again for the night.
On my horrible travel day, in which there was no bus home, I had gone over to another volunteer’s house to sleep. There were a few of us and so I was sleeping on the mat on the floor halfway into the kitchen. I was sleeping so soundly when I felt a roach climbing up my chest. I was so exhausted that I tried to just flick it away, but it kept returning. Each time I kept getting it off of me it kept waking me up more and more. Finally I knew I could no longer sleep with that cockroach hanging all over me. I moved locations and went to sleep blocking the front door.
The final strike was two nights ago. I was laying in bed watching a movie on my laptop when a cockroach decided to check out what I was watching by climbing on my computer. I know cockroaches are not supposed to be attracted to light, but this one was… I have learned to come to terms about the ant colony that lives in my computer, but I am NOT having cockroaches reside there too.
I am a believer in the baseball rule of three strikes and then you are out….The cockroaches did a good job in allowing me to accept them at first, but now it’s war! Next time I am in the city I will invest in a big can of bug killer to be sure I will win the battle!

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