Friday, April 2, 2010

Ode to Daddy

Ode to my Father
Oh dad, how I miss you. This past week was not my most successful week medically speaking and it made me think of the olden days when I had you taking care of me.
Hopefully I am not grossing anyone out, but I had lice, got tested for mono, thought I had strep (I think it was just a bad cold) all at the same time.
With the help of my medical officer I think I am doing a good job of getting over these many issues. But I miss the days when I was little and I could count on you for everything….
I remember when lice was going around PS4, and both Billy and I got the little creatures. Mom helped detangle my hair, while you washed both mine and Billy’s hair without any sign of disgust for dealing with the ugly creatures. With having lice for the second time in my life, I have learned that washing and combing out the creatures, is a tougher job than it appeared to be.
You also put my health above your job. If I were to ever be sick before, during, or after school, I knew I could always count on you to make the long trip from Brooklyn back to Staten Island to help care for me. (I do know that mom would have done the same, but as I have learned over the past few years, preparing for a substitute teacher, especially last minute can be difficult.)
It may be twenty years late. But I wanted to thank you one more time again dad. And I know that if I was a little bit closer, I know you would be more than willing to do the same to help me.

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