Monday, December 12, 2011

Last Day

Last Day
Well, I didn't have much of a fa'amavae (going away party) at my
school, but one of my village churches more than made up for it.
On my last day in the village the church sermon had a large part
dedicated to me. It was so beautiful to hear what members of the
congregation and the pastor had to say (I've heard so many nice things
about myself that I might start to get a big head...)
Afterwards I spent hours walking around visiting people and delivering
last minute gifts. It was nice to enjoy the time sitting on
falas(mats) ad drinking Samoan cocoa.
In the evening my sister and I walked over to the construction site of
the new building.
Looking around, it was amazing to see how much I accomplished in such
a short my big head is really kicking in!
But I never expected to work so well with my community to help in so
many (somewhat random) ways. It really showed me that you can do
anything if you just put your heart into it.
It was the perfect way to end my Savaiian experience. Being around my
community that helped me grow into the person I am today and spending
quality time with my youngest sister who reminded me how lucky I was
to be a part of an amazing Samoan family.
If anyone is lucky enough to visit the villages that make up
Gaga'emalae, you are in for a treat!

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