Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lili's Top 3 Places

Yesterday while I was sitting at the blowholes, admiring their beauty for a final time, I realized my list for top places to relax, unwind and take things in.


1-Vedauvoo, Wyoming (probably spelled incorrectly).  It was the most amazing rock formation that you can just play on the boulders for hours, or just sit and relax.  There is great camping and sledding there….it is just fantastic.  (it you want to go,  take I80 it will be about 5 miles from Laramie, WY if you are heading west from Cheyenne. 


2 Alofaaga Blowholes- The blowholes in Taga, Savaii.  They just take you in.  I was sitting there watching them for an hour….and didn’t realize that any time had gone by. 


3.  Staten Island Ferry- It is such an amazing boat ride and you get to see so much.  It makes you really appreciate NYC (and I guess enjoy the parts of NJ that you see along the way…)

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