Monday, December 12, 2011


Today my trip started early in the morning as I had to travel to the 6
am boat for upolu in order to ensure I was able to get everything done
that I needed to do.
After one last trip to the fish market for a delicious lunch, I was at
the airport ready to begin my 2 days of travel.
I am currently in the middle of my first layover-one that lasts 10
I was on the flight with miss Hawaii's family- who was just runner up
at the miss south pacific pagent-miss Fiji won, and met the beautiful
miss American Samoa.
So far in pago pago it is cold. I am wearing my long sleeves, pants
and am wrapped in a lavalava. I have closed toe shoes, but in the
spirit of samoa, where shoes all seem to meet their graveyard at the
most inopportune times, the bottom rubber just began to come off, and
it is peeling quick. If I was in Samoa I would have probably ditched
the shoes and began going around barefoot, but I don't think walking
around barefoot is as appropriate as it is in samoa-besides did I
mention that it's cold????
I was told that my next destination of Hawaii is really cold right
now. I can't imagine what will it be like in the mainland as I make my
way to LA and then over to the Rocky Mountain Coldness of Colorado.

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  1. Wow teine poto ma au lelei, your two years have come to an end. You should be proud of work that you did for your village. Thank you for sharing your Peace Corps malaga, the ups and downs, over the last two years. Best wishes.