Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Week To Go.What Happens Next?

A Week To Go…What Happens Next?

Well, that time has come…time to leave the village….which is why I have been too busy to post any blogs….I am backlogged and will probably finish the ones I started a few months ago while I am back in the States. 

Yesterday, I had a farewell barbecue with a family that I have become close with, and it just seems surreal that I will not be seeing everyone daily….not laughing with the children as we make monkey or other strange faces.  They seemed excited for me, as they rolled off the names of my family members that they met and are excited for me to see again.  (They also are happy for me to see my very fat cats, as it is not normal for cats to be that fat!)  I became at a loss for words when the eldest of the family gave a long speech about how I am welcomed into their family.  When it was my turn to speak, I know I could not match the nice things he said about me in Samoan, which made me a little sad because I hoped they knew how I felt.

Today, someone sang a beautiful song to me, and then presented me with a small mea alofa.  It was too sweet.

For my last week, the teachers are taking me out for a BBQ to celebrate the year, and I am supposed to have a famavae (going away party)…but I am not sure when.  I plan to just enjoy the village life until leaving.  Some of my girls invited me to their dance practice so I can try to learn dances from other Pacific nations before returning to the States.

What are my plans?

Well after spending a month and a half in a reversed culture shock mixed between Colorado and New York (freezing my bum off!)…I will be returning to Samoa!

I have been granted an extension to work with Samoan Victims Support as their Home School Coordinator. 

It is nice to know that it doesn’t have to be goodbye to all the people I have come to love as they have become a part of my family. 

And I get to share my adventures with all of you from the other island…which will be a different experience as Upolu is sooooooo crowded and there are too many cars! (How am I going to survive in NYC for a few weeks?) 

Thank you all for your comments and encouragement over the past two years, it has helped to share things, and never expected an audience of people, especially of people I did not know at the start of this trip.  I have gotten more out of this blog than expected, as I just wanted to document my adventure for myself for later. (I kept a diary…and then a flood happened and I lost all of my entries…so paper did not seem worthwhile to do again.)  But I have also gotten the opportunity to connect with many of you, and friendships have evolved because of it.  Fa’afetai tele lava.

I hope you have a great holiday season.  Ia manuia le kerisimasi, po’o Chanukkah, Kwazaa, po’o ese ese  tu'uaga mo outou, ma manuia lava le tausaga fou.

Thank you again,



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  1. Talofa Lillian,

    Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Happy New Year as you come back to the states to visit your loved ones! Thanks so much for your blog; through it I've been able to learn alot about the homeland of my parents. I will one day get to visit there but for now, I visit your blog and other Peace Corps volunteers to learn from your perspecetive. I can always get insight from family who visit but I like a fresh clear outside view! Newly looking inside for the first time. Its been a pleasure I must say to follow along with you on and off. So glad that you'll be returning to once again help my family's island nation roots.
    Although I was born and raised here in America, I love learning about Samoa through your experiences and any other facets of media that I can reflect upon. I live in Salt Lake City currently but was raised in San Francisco and Seattle, so I'll be sharing the same cold climate of Colorado with you this safe also to New York City and be safe if you're traveling to Times Square when they drop the New Years Ball for 2012 ...Chooohooo! Ia Manuia Oe ma Talosia e Taunu'u lou Malaga i le Iunaite Sitete o Amelika i le Ola ma le Malosi! Le Atuae, Fa'amolemole a Fa'amanuiaiga Lillian ma lona aiga atoa, I lou suafa o Iesu Keriso - Amene!!! I don't even know if I said any of that right, but God Bless and Safe Travels.

    Palefuiono Manono