Thursday, April 26, 2012




I have to say…I need to give more credit to all the principals out there.  I am only in charge of one teacher and an ever changing enrollment of never more than 30 students, and I find some days wayyyyyy too rough. 

It is so difficult to find the right line between being a friend and being a supervisor.  You need to have the respect of everyone, and that is something that can be so hard to gain.  Confronting a teaching on their mistakes is so difficult to do, and going through with enough follow throughs to ensure the error is corrected feels like a never ending job. 

I think what makes what I am doing even more difficult (besides having kids with emotional problems) is I still have the cultural barrier.  Although I understand many things about the Samoan culture, there is still something blocking me from being as effective as I can be.  I am not exactly sure how I can overcome this obstacle. 

After this treacherous week, my hats off to all the principals out there- kudos on surviving on one of the most difficult jobs. 


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