Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Some Days....

Some days….
Some days you love your job…and some days you just want to cry.  I am really thankful that I have amazing students that are so lovable, otherwise I would be crying on a plane back to America.
My problem comes with my only teacher on staff (did I ever mention how much I dislike being a principal?).  I noticed she was neglecting to do all of her teaching and I wanted to ensure that the students are getting a well balanced curriculum of English, Math and Samoan (it is difficult for us to get basic science and social science due to our limited resources).  Upon checking up on her to make sure she was teaching what she needed to, she became offended and yelled at me in front of the children calling me bossy.  I explained how I am her supervisor so I need to see what she is teaching, and she didn’t want to listen and kept bad mouthing me.   The worst part of this incident is half the students were still there…and they were standing there with their mouths wide open because of what was coming out of her mouth.
It will get better, how could it not?  I mean I have gotten used to so many hurdles in this job that this one I should be able to jump over.

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