Monday, May 7, 2012

Zumba and Pizza

Zumba and Pizza

Being in my position at work, can cause a lot of frustrations as I try to juggle all of the volunteers, creating curriculum, paperwork, etc, but it also has its advantages.  I have met a lot of amazing people due to what I am doing, and have had the even bigger pleasure of working with many of them.
Today is one of those days I get to work with someone really special.
Several days a week I do Zumba with the children so they can have physical activities, and Zumba is one that they truly enjoy.  It is a lot of fun, for an hour playing music loud on my lawn, while the children take turns leading the group in dance. 
Today, the owners at Giordanios Pizza are sponsoring pizza and Zumba day.  It will be a lot of fun, I am really looking forward to it…especially because their pizza is so delicious!  
I can't wait until the school day is over!

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