Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Samoan Soccer Federation

Samoan Soccer Federation
I love networking.  It is so great being able to meet new people and find ways to have them help me!  It is also good to find ways for your friends to help you!
My friend Sarai works for the Samoan Football Federation (a funny name because they call it soccer here, just like in America..).  She invited the students from my school for a day of learning skills and playing games at the soccer fields. 
It was amazing the program they put on…especially since the National Under 20’s team assisted in teaching them.  The kids had smiles across their faces the entire time as they ran across the field dribbling the ball between their legs.  It was a complete real game, with kids being carded and ejected from the game for forgetting we were not playing a rough game like rugby, instead of the more tame soccer.
At the end the children were treated to ice pops, and shared a sour sop (so delicious!). 
I hope we get to be invited out there again, because it really was a superb day.  

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