Monday, October 10, 2011

Apia Kids vs Kuai

Apia Kids vs Kuai

I have gotten used to living kuai (away from the city-excuse my spelling!).  I never realized that children are raised differently in the different areas.  Living by the city, with working parents, children are spoiled a little more it appears.  I base this solely on a visit that a primary school from Apia took here, and I know it is not true upon everyone. 

Here everyone eats everything on their plates.  They eat their meat to the bone, and even suck on the bone.  Although I don’t devour meat like they do, I do find myself eating much more off the plate than I did in America.  Food is not wasted, as whatever you take on your plate, you eat, since that is what is expected.  I have gotten used to that, because I know people spent a lot of their money and time preparing the food, and it is a way to thank them. 

The Apia children were given a buffet, and filled their plates (who could blame them with the delicious food they had!) to the brim.  What surprised me was they were handing back their plates saying they were full, with their plates still full and only a few bites taken out. (Like good Samoans, we went to the back, and finished up their plates for them, and it was delicious!)

These children were also not allowed to drink tap or water tank water, and had to buy bottled water.  It was shocking to see, because so much money was wasted on water, water that most people feel is suited to drink, especially when you are living here.

Having their visit made me extremely happy for where I am.  I love living amongst the people who waste less and seem more down to earth on their mannerisms (which I probably would not have thought two years ago…)

On a different note, a few of us were staying at a hotel last month, and did not pay extra to have breakfast there.  A few people were sitting in the kitchen area, and when a palagi couple got up, another peace corps had to really restrain herself from finishing the avocado and eggs left on their plates.  (The workers took the plate away right away….and I think that was the main reason for her restraint!)    


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