Friday, October 21, 2011

The Samoan Factor

The Samoan Factor

The Samoan Factor is when things are meant to go one way, and in fact every other country, and every other situation they would play out perfectly, but here things get Samoan and don’t.

On Saturday my back started hurting, by Sunday it was pretty bad, and by Monday I knew for sure it was a boil.  I wanted to see the doctor, but did not want to spend an entire day travelling to go to the main hospital on my island.  The doctor comes on Thursdays to my district hospital, which is how it has been forever (except for when there was doctor shortage and there was none….)  I suck up the pain, self treat myself, and wait until I know the doctor is there. 

When Thursday arrives, I get excited thinking that I will be healed soon… and learn that the day of the doctor has been changed to Wednesday.  I decide to see the nurse anyway, because I really want my back to stop hurting!

In any other situation, if I wanted to see the doctor, I would have been able to….but here the Samoan Factor always comes into play and you never know what will happen.  Nothing is ever a sure thing.


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