Monday, October 17, 2011

Extension for Next year

Last week I met with Samoan Victims Support to interview about working in their school as the Home School Coordinator.  The Job Responsibilities entail:

1.       Plan, lead, organize and control educational work plans, teaching materials, and curriculum at SVSG Home school

2.       Maintain complete and accurate records of student attendance, non-attendance, and extra curriculum activities in accordance to office requirements from time to time

3.       Coordinate and organize volunteers and their schedules in accordance with home school schedules for the relevant classes

4.       Research and gather materials to create a multilevel/multiage curriculum for ease of networking with other mainstream educational institutions

5.       Facilitate after school extra curriculum activities of home school students

6.       Assist with livelihood programs as well as physical education of home school students

7.       Report to Executives on a weekly basis on the operation of the home school

8.       Assist SVSG with fundraising activities and any other duties as directed from time to time.



I am really interested in working with them starting in January..What would my next steps be?

Thank you all for your help!



Lillian Watson



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  1. Hey Lillian, I think it would be great for you to try for this position if for no other reason than to have you blogging from Samoa for another year. But, reading your blogs I get the idea you would be great in this job. Look at each one of the responsibilities in the job description and the skills required and then describe for yourself and the interviewers, if you decide to go for it, the skills you've developed, especially over the past two years, that mirror what's being asked of the person who would fill the position. Good luck!