Tuesday, October 18, 2011



When reading about ancient history, you have to stop and think about it….how did people survive?  The Jewish people were plagued with boils…that means way more than one or two at a time…and without antibiotics, how did they keep on living?

I am on boil number three (numbers one and two were in the armpit area last year).  This one is different because I cannot see how it is getting worse, or even check and see if there is any improvement; why because it is on my back and I live in the country without mirrors.  Well I take that back, there are some mirrors, many families have a piece of a broken mirror somewhere, but nowhere can you get a true look at yourself.  I have been using my bike mirror to judge this boil, and so I can not completely see the extent of it. 

My boil looks like a pimple…and now it has grown a little bit bigger…not sure exactly how big though…My opinion is it looks like when those teenagers in junior high pops their pimples and they explode into a little crater.  Although it is small, the area in which it hurts is large, bigger than my hand.  The problem with back pain is it hurts in everything you do.  You can’t lay down, sit, walk, or skip without feeling pain.  So it is a constant annoyance!

I’ve been trying to self treat myself for the past few days, and might go today for traditional medicine, and if it continues….there is a doctor in the hospital on Thursday afternoons.

I am sure the ancient people didn’t whine as much as me...but I am pretty good at whining, just ask my family in America.

I’m on the home stretch before going to the States, body please try to stay healthy!


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  1. those boils are common in hawaii as well; clogged hair follicles in the arm pits or glands that become infected because of excessive sweat/dirt/etc and constant rubbing, etc. you may want to apply tumeric paste, or drink or eat it in a curry, tea, etc. and maybe get a local doctor to give you some antibiotics cause it can get worse if not treated and spread to other hair follicles on your body ...good luck