Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fun Facts About Pigs


One day I was on the beach when I saw two of my students.  After their swim they collected a huge bucket of water and began to bring it home.  These students that I saw were about 8 years old and tiny; it looks like they have no muscles at all. 

I caught up with them and offered to help carry the big bucket of saltwater, and they refused to give it to me.  I felt really bad for them since it was a huge walk uphill, and then quite a big distance further to their houses, overall, about a mile away. 

I finally asked why they were carrying the buckets, and I learned my new fact about pigs.  Pigs are bathed in saltwater.  (Horses are too.  People ride their horses into the ocean to bathe them.)

The other fun fact I learned about pigs is, you can trade someone a very large male pig for a cow. 

The more you know. 


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