Saturday, September 10, 2011

Living the Homeless Life


Yesterday we had a VAC meeting (Volunteer Advisory Committee) and we discussed several important issues facing us volunteers, one of them included the cleanliness of our resource room.  We discussed the status of how the office looked now, and everyone agreed it looks much better, but I had to admit to the committee I missed our cardboard boxes.  (I am glad someone else on the committee agreed with me as well, since the staff told us we looked like a bunch of homeless people at the time.)

The cardboard boxes were flatted and laid out under tables for people to take naps.  It was really nice to have a place to hide and take a break, especially when you have had a horribly long commute or just a long week.  It was our little cave to escape our host family and whatever problems we faced there. 

Why did we sleep on cardboard boxes? Here are some of the reasons we loved them:

1.       Cardboard boxes are extremely comfortable. 

2.       They prevent you from lying on the cold tiled floor. 

3.       They somehow radiate a little bit of warmth into what could be a cold air conditioned room.

4.       They limit the amount of bugs and other creepy crawlers from crawling all over you.

5.       When you are feeling ill, somehow lying on them always seems to magically make you feel better.

6.       It felt as if by laying a few boxes around the room, we have now transformed into a free hotel, and sometimes you just really need a nap.

Okay, so looking at the last reason, maybe we did look like a bunch of hobos, but after sleeping on many cardboard boxes, I will never mock the life of a hobo again.  They seem to have gotten it right as cardboard boxes are the way to go for a comfortable sleep.


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