Saturday, September 10, 2011

School Sports Day

Sports Day

Last week we had sports day in our school.  Sports day is when the children get together to play different games, such as coconut collecting races, tug of war, blindfolded orange collections and more. 

We used to have sports day more frequently, but since school is in the village, it has become much more difficult to do.   In fact I wasn’t sure how well it would be, since the biggest malae is right next to the road. 

The kids sat in the sun for hours cheering on their different teams and having the time of their lives playing.  When the games were over, I got nervous watching the kids run around the street….since they are small and I have seen two deaths because of cars running people over, but like normal through my village, there were not many cars. 

The children had a great time, and that is all that mattered. 


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  1. Hola, por mi experiencia en el campo educativo sé lo gratificante que resulta realizar un proyecto educativo con los niños. En sus rostros se refleja el agradecimiento por lo mucho o poco que les brindemos. Continúe así. Un saludo desde Colombia