Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Perimeter Relay


Three more days, gosh that’s scary!  Are we ready?  I sure hope so…

We are almost to the perimeter relay race, my fourth race ever. Our team has had its ups and downs, with three runners having to drop out because of health issues, and several of our team members are not as healthy as last year, but we should do okay.

The Kope Keige team consists of Dana, Corina, Jenny M, Kaelin, Natalie and myself.  Rachel, one of our fallen members, has agreed to get her Samoan drivers license to drive us around the entire day.  

We realized yesterday that there is also one more complication to the relay…the Rugby World Cup.  Samoa is playing Wales at  about the same time as the end of our relay.  This means everyone will be rushing to the finish line to be able to watch the game….who knows what will happen to the Prizegiving..

Wish us luck Saturday as we tackle Le Mafa Pass, dogs, and crazy drivers as we run around Upolu.

(Pictures are from last year’s relay)

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