Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Animal House Update

Iit is always so sad to report on animals.  For awhile my dog Champ was walking with a limp, and I as scared that he had a broken leg.  Someone threw a rock at him and he was in pain from that.  He is now healthy as can be.

In sadder news, the old cat, who lost its teeth, and was scared of human interaction passed away.  So did the really sick dog, whose name I don’t know. 

So on our family compound we still have: Sunshine the cow, the cat that steals food from its neighbors, and Champ

The gate to our fence broke so we sometimes have visiting chickens and pigs, which are a lot of fun to chase away.

I feel pretty lucky, because only one of the animals that I have had here has been poisoned (that I know about at least), and a few cats left in the woods….Other volunteers have had several dogs poisoned.  It is really sad to hear their stories.

I never was a dog person, but finding those sweet dogs that you don’t want to throw rocks at, makes me really love them. 


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