Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rainy Sunday

Rainy Sunday at church


I love rainy days.  The days are cool, and I see no problem with long afternoon naps.  I think for the past two months (at least) we have had rain each day.  It has been nice, especially because village activity changes a little. 

Sundays are the most interesting.  My day started with me getting ready to go to church.  I put on my white church clothes, and added my rain coat, and lavalava on top on my outfit to avoid it getting dirty on the short walk to church.  I showed up on time and there were only a handful of people there.  On rainy Sundays, church starts late to allow people to have time to travel in the weather.  So, I sat outside with some of my neighbors and watched.

Adults began walking to church in their nice clothes, with a lavlava over their bottoms, and an umbrella covering their heads.  Behind them, was one of their children walking, usually below the age of ten.  The kid was still wearing their dirty clothes from preparing food for their after church meal.  When the adult arrived at church, the child took the umbrella and headed home to give it to the next person in the family.  I saw the same kid come multiple times before it was their time to get ready for church.  The main road was full of children delivering umbrellas back and forth. 

Most families only have one umbrella, and seeing how quickly they break with my Peace Corps friends, I don’t blame families for not purchasing more. 

Watching the children deliver umbrellas is far better than watching any television show.    The children are so animated and a joy to be around.  (So can the adults in my village.)


Pictures are of:

My time after church with a family,

Me on my walk to church (one that doesn’t require you to wear white)

Pictures of children at church

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