Friday, February 18, 2011

My Roommate

My Roommate

I have a roommate….one I really don’t care for.  When Jen and Cammi were visiting, they named him…I think Suzuki, or some other strange name that starts with an S (a semi-mandatory thing on my household).  I haven’t seen this roommate in awhile, but I always hear him.  He runs across my ceiling daily.  I hear him pass through the wall to outside all the time.  (My wall is a thin piece of metal with holes where it meets the wooden frames.)

But the worst is those few weeks in which the roommate decides to exclusively spend with me.  I am lucky in some ways, that I have a formal bed to sleep on (box spring on the floor, with a mattress on top).  But the day I arrived I notice a nice circular hole in the box spring, one for my future roommate.  For about two weeks every other month I hear my friend Suzuki running around the box spring, causing such a ruckus that it is difficult to sleep.  This mouse is so loud and does not stop running.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the mouse decided to attempt to go outside a different way.  He broke my mosquito wire on my window, forcing me to keep my window shut.  (Until I can get to the city and by more wire for my window.)

This week he finally left my bed, and I still hear him elsewhere, but that doesn’t bother me.  I am just happy that I am not sharing a bed with a rat anymore. 

(Rats and mice are the same word in Samoan. And truth be told, I am not sure if Suzuki is a mouse or a rat since I have only seen him once.)




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  1. His name was Sopapilla... and the spider was Sam :)