Friday, February 18, 2011




The project that I am involved in is two parts, one part community development, and the other part in the classroom.  Sometimes it is difficult to find people in the community that your personality meshes well with to work on a project, especially on a project that both of you think is needed in the community.  So sometimes, you assist elsewhere. 

Last week, Rachel and I went to our favorite place in Salelologa to help a small business owner with her website.  She had been working with a company in New Zealand to create it, but there were still many things to update.

We spent the weekend hunched over a computer, studying what was wrong with it, correcting grammatical errors, and trying to add those special key words to hope that appears higher on search engines.  We taught her how to use different programs on her computer, so she use her new email account, edit her photographs and more.

The website looks good….in my opinion.  But I think the biggest goal was helping her learn new skills on the computer to run her business more effectively. 

There is still more to help her with, as we helped her brainstorm packages that would appeal to tourists, and it was great to hear her promise to network with other small business owners to complete this goal of hers. 

She is an amazing person, who is extremely intelligent, and I know Rachel and I are just happy we could help someone who is always nice to us. 



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