Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

Last week was Valentine’s Day, and since I wasn’t in a country where I could have a classroom party for the day, I shared with my students about what happens in America on this day.  I wrote a story and shared it with the class. 

The story shared information about giving valentines to classmates, moms getting flowers from their husbands, and children receiving candy.  (The more special occasions I teach of America, the more I realize that candy is a huge part of our lives!)

After reading the short story I wrote for them, we brainstormed all the delicious treats we wish we could get for the day. Their mouth was watering as they talked about ice cream and chocolates, things that are unavailable in the village. 

I was feeling the same way, so when  I got home, I had my own Valentine’s Day treat, a saved Snickers bar.  It was delicious!

As for Valentine’s go, we all decided to have a secret valentine, kind of like a secret Santa, throughout Peace Corps.  Last year, Liz gave me a delicious pack of cookies, and a beautiful card, while I shared movies with Ali.  This year, I gave Dana an amazing Magic Eye book, since she is very artistic.  (She doesn’t know it was from me….yet…let’s see if I can leave more and keep her on her toes…)On Friday I get to pick up my gift from Cupid.  I am a little excited about it.

Hope everyone else had a great Valentine’s Day.


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