Wednesday, February 16, 2011

School Update

School update

We just started the third week of school, and I feel a definate difference from last year.  I notice a difference in the way the teahers and students both treat me.  From week one the students were anxious to have me start teaching there classes, which was exciting. 

On my time table I am teaching, what everyoe consideres a little too much, however, I didn't see a way around it because of my want to go to each classroom.  My day starts at 8:30, and ends at 2.  During the day I teach 7 classes, with my only break being the half hour I have for lunch.  (During that time I still have students still trying to have me teach them!)

I was given a classroom this year, and it is nice to have a place to store my teaching materials....if only there was a lock on the door.  Some of my classes come there for lessons, while I still go to classrooms for some grades.  The room is simple, with a desk, mats and the floor, and the schools storage area in the corner, but it still is nice to have a place to work.

There are only 8 teachers, and a librarian, while make some of the classes hard to manage, especially since in Samoa there are no substitute teachers.  For example, yesterday when I came to teach my year 2 class (with over 30 students), the 50 year ones were also in the room.  80 little kids, and ony me makes teaching real hard.  I am real appreciative of the teachers who help me out. 

This week, I shared a short story I wrote about Valentines Day, and it was nice to share what kids in other countries were doing to celebrate that day.

This year I am going to continue to work my but off, but it is good, since I do see a lot of improvement in my students English speaking abilities.  I have heard from two parents about how much they see their child improving in English and it brings a smile to my face.



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