Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Last year I didn’t have a classroom, I stored my teaching materials in the office, which caused much of it to disappear whenever cleaning took place.  My backpack was always full of teaching materials that I was hauling back and forth from home.  So I was extremely surprised when I was given the extra classroom this year. 

In one corner were all of the broken desks and benches, which looked like a big pile of wood.  Then, there were the desks that did not have benches of chairs stacked up, with a pile of teaching materials in another corner. 

I tried teaching in the room one day, but because of a lack of mats to sit on, and chalk to write with, it made it difficult.  It seemed easier to go to each individual classroom to teach.  However, I did spend time hanging up some of my teaching materials, and arranging the desks around the room, to make it more user friendly.  The kids loved it, and would listen to my “no food rule”, so I didn’t have noodles on the floor making the room rat friendly.  (With all the holes in the walls to the outside, it is very easy for them to pass through.)

Then, of course, things began to change, again…

We got a new teacher, a teacher that is friendly and I am very excited about.  She is in her last year of University, and has a rough position of being placed in a village far away from home.  She is living with a relative, and was offered the chance to live with my family, which she said she is thinking about doing. 

The new teacher was told she was going to share the year 8 class (the grade with 26 students, unlike year 1 who has 50…) with another teacher, and spent the first day with those children.  Then, the second day, today, she was moved to teach year 7, and the year 7 teacher was switched to year 8.  The new teacher got my classroom, but I think I might be able to keep a desk inside the room, which is a huge plus. 

I am not sure if things will continue to change, but it is nice to have a new friendly face in the school building, and a room that has a desk for my belongings. 


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