Thursday, March 3, 2011

Celebrity Report-Just Like E!

A group of us at the Laughing Samoans Show

The funny comedy duo

Celebrity Filled Birthday Celebration

For my birthday, we decided to spend the weekend in Apia, and I was excited. A few other volunteers had arranged to meet me in the city for the celebration. We had one very special night planned. We were going to see the Laughing Samoans.
Saturday night 7 of us got together to watch the hysterical show. The show started late as they were waiting for the Prime Minister to show up. The only problem is, that at the Faleata gym, the acoustics are horrible, so we sometimes did not understand everything that was being said.
After the show, I met up with a few more people and we listened to some music. The two people that were performing wished me a Happy 21st Birthday about 100 times, which made me feel special. The man playing the keyboard looked familiar, and I wasn’t sure why until later. Later we all got to talking and I found out where I had seen him before. He was the face of TV1, and was on all of those television shows that Samoans come to love, such as Samoa’s Best Dance Group, or Samoan Idol. I always saw him on tv, and wondered that even though he has Samoan skin, can he speak Samoan? I found out that night, that he can.
The next morning over breakfast, I looked over and saw the two men from the Laughing Samoans with their families. I went over and talked with one of them, (my Samoan dad had asked me to do this before I left) and learned how nice of a person he is.
As you can tell, me birthday celebration was fun…and I get to celebrate it again in a week in my village. I am sure it will be just as good, without the celebrity sighting.

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