Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tidbits from My Life

The chicken and her chicks at to'ogani

My sisters at the water tank where I now shower.

One of the teachers from my school on our new road.

Me and one of the guys building the road.

Me at school

Random Tidbits From Lili’s Life

Things I have learned lately….

  • Two prisoners escaped yesterday.
  • They are still doing work on our road. It is still not tar sealed but they keep raising it with rocks/dirt.
  • Rats eat everything. Not only soap, but they eat through the plastic containers of my peanut butter jars. No food is safe. I wish my roommate would leave!
  • In a neighboring village someone got kicked out for adultery. It happened again in another village 8 villages away.
  • Showering outside in the rain, is still more amazing that bucket showering inside.

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