Tuesday, March 1, 2011


NZ Reciprocity for Christ Church

Since I have been in Samoa, I have seen the friendship/relationship between Samoa and the other Pacific Nations, especially New Zealand and Australia.  They seem to always help us out, whether it be with national disasters, or with regular daily living, like school assistance.

Last week, New Zealand had a horrible earthquake and our  news was covered with images from Christ Church.  It was horrible to see what had happened to this great big city, as we heard the rising death toll. 

While I was in Apia over the weekend, I saw something that I never thought I would see.  For the past 18 months , I have witnessed reciprocity on a small local level. (I had one day where I was thanked for borrowing my phone with earrings, and when she used it again later, I was offered something else, I think thanked her for accompanying her around Salelologa…and the reciprocity kept going strong and felt like it could go on forever.)  In Apia I saw my old language teacher, Joe on the street with a microphone.  He was with the Red Cross collecting money for Christ Church assistance. 

Most countries around the world that accept aid from outside, usually are not the ones who will in turn give aid to their neighbors.  It was nice to witness Samoans above the curve helping.  

So, while I was on the corner talking to my language teacher about my love for Samoa, especially Savaii, I had a smile on my face as I saw so many Samoans giving a little bit of money through their cab windows, off the bus, or even those walking around.  Before I left, I put my few tala into their buckets. 

I am sorry for what has happened in Christchurch, and I hope all of those who are missing are found soon. 


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