Friday, March 18, 2011



This past week I celebrated my birthday.  I did not remind anyone about it, so it was very low key.  I was planning on doing a little celebration with my family, so the previous week I went to the store to order ice cream.  (I actually had to go to several stores to find one that would take the order..) 

The day of my birthday was a normal day at school, then after school I hopped on my bike to run errands.  On the way home, I stopped at the store.  The delivery truck had not come that week, so they had no ice cream, or most goodies.  I still wanted something special.  Something I don’t usually have, so I bought a coke. 

Oh my goodness, the coke was amazing!  It was mostly frozen and tasted like a slushy!  I don’t  think I have ever enjoyed a soda as much as right then!

At home, my brother suggested going to another store to find ice cream, but were unable to find any.  I didn’t mind, it was a typical Samoan birthday.  No one made a big deal, and I enjoyed the day relaxing on my own.  It  was a complete Samoan birthday.


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