Friday, April 1, 2011

Salua on the Computer

I have begun to teach my students about computers, which is really hard to fit into the curriculum as the English schedule is busy enough. Last week two of my top year 6 students (fifth grade in America) typed up one of their essays.  It was their second time ever touching a computer, and ran into many problems, in which I was not always available to help them out since I was helping some of the other students.  We read through the essay on Wednesday, and as a group edited the mistakes, but I did not save it in its new form.  Below is the essay that was written by Salua, I know in the future the typing mistakes will go down.  No matter what, I am proud of these girls for challenging themselves with the computer.  Malo lava!



My  school                 ‘

By salua    Pisona.                                                                                                                    

         My  school    is  fantastic .I  am  going  to  tell  you  about  it.

The  teachers  are  beautiful  and  handsome.The   headteacher  in  my  school  is  so  fat  her  name  is  Moana.Lilian  is  a  beautiful  peace  coarp.The  short  first  assistant  is  my  teacher   M.r  Gafo.The  smart  infant  supervisor   is  Miss  Epati.The   thin  librarian  is  Alasa.All  of   assistant  are  so  happy  and  they  are  delighting  to   come  to  school.their  names  are  Paratina  ,Soonafai,Naomi ,vinepa ,and  tapatele  and  Siliva.

The  children  in  my  school  are  so  good.There  are  eight  nice  perfect.Their  name  are  Utulei,Tui,Salvadioes,Tamatasi,Tele,Joe,Miriama  and   Keneti.The  colours  of  their   nice  uniform   are   blue  and  white.

In   the  malae  their  are  many  beautiful   games   the  teachers   said  to  do  in  the  malae.They  have  shoe  game,tip  top,rugby,soccer,karate,volleyball,ball  games,throw  fish   and  running.

In  our   day  we  do  our  test,writing,essay,reading,cleaning,assembly,English,Samoan,Science,Maths  and  social.

My  school   lives  in  SATUIATUA.There  are  three  village   are  in  my  school.they  have  FOAILALO,SATUIATUA  andFOAILUGA.

In  conclusion   my  school  is  fantantastic,awesome  and  delightful  school.




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