Wednesday, April 27, 2011



I felt like I was back to square one.  I haven’t made this many mistakes in such a long time…..and unlike in the beginning I am being called out for it all.  I guess this means I am a part of the community and they feel comfortable enough around me. 

The first was in dress.  I was invited over for to’ogani and did not get the memo that it was a fancier occasion than a normal to’ogani.  So when I arrived in a skirt and shirt, I didn’t feel out of place, until several people asked why I was not wearing a pulatasi.  I feel like it is really hard to find the correct dress code.  I never seem to get the memo on what it is. 

At the to’ogani I set to work in helping out, and since I was underdressed, I could not present the gifts or food.  So, I fanned the food that was waiting to be served….for at least an hour.  I was offered cocoa, and accepted while I was fanning and made the fatal error of drinking while standing.  Someone immediately took the fan I was using to shoo away the flies and ushered me to a bench to sit. 

I felt so embarrassed making these mistakes, because truly I knew better, and must have just been having an off day.  I felt like I was getting the silent judgment from all of the ladies in the room. 

But thankfully, they are quick to forgive their Peace Corps, and hopefully won’t stop loving me!

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  1. Aww... don't worry. They won't stop loving you and they will be quick to forgive you. Samoan women love to judge and chastise(and laugh behind your back) be strong and hold your head up high, but not too high ;) Don't beat yourself up.

    You're doing a whole lot more than even full Samoans from other countries would do :) Fa'amalosi suga ;)