Saturday, April 30, 2011



You can be doing just fine.  Great even.  Enjoying your daily life, but then it kicks in out of nowhere.  I personally blame it on my 3 hour nap.  I have not had the opportunity to have a nap in the heat of the day all week because of being busy with school and Sunday School happening right outside my bedroom door.   So when the opportunity arose to have a nice relaxing nap while the family was out of the house.  I jumped on it. 

It was a fantastic nap, nice and peaceful…and I would have slept longer if I didn’t want to go exercise and socialize.  I didn’t know that nap would come back to haunt me.

Here I am at 11:30 at night unable to sleep.  Because of being up for so long, my mind has had too much time to wander, and has wandered into homesickness. 

It is weird because just a few days ago I wrote about how I am scared to go home, and it is the truth..But just because I am scared doesn’t mean I don’t miss it. 

Next week will be a year and 7 months.  That is a long time for me to go without having a NYC bagel.  A long time since having real Italian food.  19 months without Boars Head meats.  A long time since running through the snow in my bare feet in Colorado.

Everyone goes through homesickness.  That’s why during the holidays many volunteers choose to spend a fortune to visit their families.  I tried to choose the independent route and stayed in Samoa.  It is a natural feeling, and I am surprised it took me this long to long for home. 

I am still happy to be here.  I still love my life.  You couldn’t beg me enough to trade places with you.  I just wish I could zip over to America for about an hour, and then come back here to my amazing village.  Like an addict of anything, just a quick fix-then I promise to be back to my normal Samoan self-puletasi and all. 


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