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There are many talented people in Peace Corps, but I am privileged to be in the same group as a celebrity.  Corina was not always a celebrity, and I pretty sure  she has a normal life in America.  But when she arrived in Samoa, she brought with her one of the most beautiful voices around which made many people flock to her.

At many of our Peace Corps functions we are privileged enough to hear her sing, and that alone is amazing.  However, not only is Corina a fantastic singer, but she is an amazing traditional dancer.  When you observe her, you can see how she has really taken time to understand the culture of Samoa.

The reason why I say Corina is a celebrity is because of her YouTube videos.  Just like Justin Beiber got famous off of YouTube, Corina is doing the same.  I would like to think she would be bigger than Justin, but when you record traditional Samoan songs, your audience is much smaller than mainstream pop music.  Especially since she is performing in such a beautiful language. 

Several times now, I have been asked by people if I knew who she was.  They were people visiting from overseas who are big fans of hers.  They wanted to know all about her, and I felt as though I was the one privileged to know such a super star. 

I honestly think that if I were to go to town more often, I would be asked by more people about my celebrity friend, because as of right now, I rarely see anyone who is not from my neighboring villages. 

Not only does Corina have such an amazing voice, but she is honestly one of the nicest and funniest people around.  Everyone loves to be in her presence. 

I don’t know if Corina’s fame in Samoa will continue when she goes to America, but just like those people I met that found her on YouTube, she found me as a fan for life.  I know I will see her perform in America, I would love to see it at Madison Square Garden, but if for some reason, she can’t get there, I’ll find a way to see her, even if it is singing Karaoke. 

If you would like to see what all of the hype is about, you can find her videos:


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