Sunday, April 17, 2011

Passover 2011

Passover 2011

Tuesday night will be the start of Passover, and all of us Jewish people in Savai’i decided we will get together to celebrate it like last year.  Last year, I play hostess to several volunteers and university students as we had a great time with our Seder.  We baked matzo from scratch and each brought a little piece of our family Seder to the table.  It was a comforting thought to think that our families were doing the same thing as us that night. 

This year, we decided to change locations to avoid others missing school, and went to the most centrally located place, Matt’s house.  Although Matt may be one of the farthest to go to on the island, there are busses to him on both sides of the island.  Matt is a volunteer that is a volunteer that is so integrated into his village, that he never sees the need to leave his village.  So, all of us are looking forward to going up there to celebrate the holiday with him. 

Since none of us will be missing school, we are making it a potluck Seder.  All of us are bringing something, some are bringing things for the Seder plate, others for the main meal.  Since the bus will come to me right after school, I am going to have to wake up early to make matzo and my other dish. 

The guest list includes all of us Jewish people on the island (all four of us) and a few others that are excited to learn about our traditions.  It should be a really good time.  I am really looking forward to it. 


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