Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sleeping on the Road

Sleeping on the Road

While waiting for the bus in the early hours of the morning, I first enjoyed the nice cool crisp air, the sounds of the roosters who don’t know the difference and crow all night, pigs grunting and more. Then, during the second hour I started to resent to cool air, and learned a thin lavalava is not enough to keep me warm. So I began thinking….what would I do if I was a Samoan.
If I was a Samoan I would use my resources to keep me warm. Well, the lavalava wasn’t working, so I had to look around. I could snuggle with Lasela, but she might not appreciate it. Then the idea came to me. Do as the soles do.
A sole is considered a man in the village. Usually the term is used for those that are unemployed and just stay in the village, but sometimes, the term is used for any person.
There is a growing problem in Samoa. Soles hang out at night, lie down on the road, and get hit by cars. They lie down on the road because the asphalt retains the heat during the cool night.
I decided it was my turn to try it. Lasela told me to watch out for cars, but after an hour and a half, and no cars or busses of any sort, I was willing to try it.
The ground felt so warm and relaxing. I sprawled out in the middle of the road and was so happy to feel warmth again. I just laid there, looking at the full moon and the Milky Way, and watching for falling stars. It felt so relaxing.
By hour two, others showed up to wait for the mystery bus. I was immediately confused for a drunken sole, but soon Dana recognized the warmth of the road and joined me as well. She was now my lookout and I was free to sleep.
I was asleep for almost half an hour and was awoken by Dana shouting, “Get up, the bus is here!” I couldn’t believe it; I got up quickly to avoid being hit, and boarded the bus.
I was so happy Dana was there. She taught me a lesson. If you want to fall asleep on the road, be sure there is a trustful person to wake you up in the event of a vehicle.

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