Sunday, April 3, 2011



I learned from the movie Forest Gump that your feet are the thing you should take the most care of.  I don’t know if it is just me, or if it is most people in Samoa, but your feet suffer the most problems over here. 

Infections come all the time from our cuts.  I’ve noticed that most of the ones that turn into infections are on my toes.  I have had one each month recently. 

Aside from a limp sometimes, infected toes aren’t too bad while you are trying to fix them.  The worst came when I was at church yesterday.

To show that we are humble, we washed each other’s feet.  The scrubbing was so painful on my greenish yellow toe. 

My toe is getting better, and I don’t have any more cuts on my feet to get infected, yet.  Hopefully, I won’t have too many more and will take better care of my feet so I can have less multicolored toes. 


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