Friday, April 8, 2011



Sorry I have been so bad about updating this lately.  It seems like life has taken over without much free time to sit down and reflect on. 

Samoa has two islands, Upolu the main island, and Savaii, in my opinion the better island.  The main Peace Corps office is in the capital of Apia, which is on Upolu; however, we had a small office we called our home in Savaii.  It was small, but had its own charm.  The ceiling leaked, or over a year and a half there was no light in the bathroom, and often the lock got stuck and locked us out.  We loved it though, it was a place for us to exchange resources, have a lending library and pick up mail.  The office is being forced to close, and us volunteers have been trying to figure out the status, and what to do with our books.  The final week has arrived, and I think we have it all settled.  Some volunteers are upset, but they will learn to live, as it is we are losing a place that was often our sanity.  When we have frustrations with our lives, whether it is from work, or our living situation, our tiny office was our place to meet and regroup so we could head back to our village more composed. 

As to myself, I still have  an infected toe.  Then one of my tonsils grew something that looked like a pimple, and then turned green.  I felt like I was turning into an alien with green body parts.  But thankfully, some of the infection has left, and I am doing better.

I hope everything is great with you.  Hopefully the weekend will be full of downtime.



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