Saturday, April 16, 2011

Postcard Project Update

Postcard Project Update

A few days ago I rode my bike to pick up my mail at another volunteers house, since she had gone to the city, and was amazed at how many post cards were delivered.  (I was also amazed at the stamps, especially the dates and countries…for example, a postcard from America sometimes goes through Tonga?)  I got 7 in one day!!!

My students are up to 15 post cards and loving each one more and more.  We are up to 3 countries, America, New Zealand and Ireland.  In America-4 states and the capital have been represented.  All of the information on them has been exquisite!  They are learning new vocabulary, as they learn about the different cities and countries.  We had just been learning how to write compare and contrast essays, so it was good to see them compare this week someone’s life in Madison, to their lives in Savai’i.  There were a lot of similarities, such as fishing, boating, and swimming which made them excited. 

The students have been pouring over the chance to use the atlas, and argue over who can look in the table of contents to find the place we are learning about.  They then love searching for the given country. 

We have also been doing math with the postcards to see how long it takes for mail to come to us.  From Virginia, we learned it took one post card 1 month and 2 days to come.  Not too bad, when you think about it travelling halfway around the world. 

A few of them asked if they could write back to you.  The students were studying the postcards, looking at the pictures and planning how to decorate a postcard if given the chance.   If you would like them to write back, you can e-mail me your address, or place it on the postcard.  My email is 

If you are need the address it is:

Lillian Watson, PCV

Gaga’emalae P.S

Salialua Post Office

Savai’i, Western Samoa


Thank you again for your continued support, especially from those people who are writing multiple post cards.  My students feel like they really know who you are, and are excited to see what you have to say next. 

Fa’afetai lava mo le mea uma!




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