Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Set-Up

The Set-Up

People are always trying to set me up while I am here.  Sometimes it is because they want me to stay in Samoa forever, others are hoping I will bring a family member over to America with me, and lastly they would like me to be in their lives forever.

In America when people try to set you up, they tell you the man is good for you because he has a good job.  Here in Samoa, they tell you can provide for you in different ways. 

Outside church, I was told to date this one man because he can provide for me.  He was a good fisherman, which means I would always have a good meal on the table. 

It just gave me a chuckle as the term providing for a female is different in each country.  In America it is having a good job, here it is providing a good meal.  Both are necessities in each country. 


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