Friday, April 1, 2011

My Busy Life

My busy life

Wow, life has been busy.  I feel like I haven’t had any time to catch up and take a breath.  (Notice with the lack of blogs…)  Here is a sample day for me lately:

6:00-wake up and get ready for school, get last minute teaching materials made
7:00-walk to school where I teach about 6-8 classes a day
2:30-walk home, quickly change clothes, fill up my water bottle and head out the door on my 18 speed bike
3:00-ride my bike to a student’s house for tutoring/homework help
5:00-ride my bike to another student’s house for tutoring.
7:00-go to another person’s house for computer tutoring
8:00- finally get home in time for dinner.  Shower, read, and go to sleep to get ready for another long day the next day.

They always say a busy volunteer is a happy volunteer, and if this is true, I feel as though I must be the happiest volunteer in the world!  Some days I wish I had more free time to myself, but when I see the relationship growing with the people in my village, and the villages surrounding me, it makes me smile.

It feels like the more integrated you are into your village; the more willing people are to ask you for help all the time.  I honestly have begun to love them all so much, that I really want to accommodate them.  In return, I have had amazing snacks while tutoring, nice meals outside of my house, and people left and right inviting me to come over.  I don’t think it is possible to feel more at home than I do right now. 

I did decide I can’t keep going on like this since I am running myself thin, and I need to take control of my health.  So I have finally talked to the principal at the college and will start tutoring there three times a week, to avoid travelling between several villages in a day to help the students. 

Last year I only tutored in the computer lab there, and I think it prevented some students from coming to me to ask for help.  This year the principal and I decided to make a change.  I will get a classroom to tutor in (unless the year 13’s need help with their computer assignments) to make myself more available to all students.

So far my tutoring has been in many subjects ranging from English, to geography to science and even food and textiles.  As many of you know, these subjects are not always my expertise, so it has been good to work out solutions with the students.  Since they learn more by explaining to me what they already know.   

Hopefully next week, I will be back to my normal self again because of this. 


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