Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blowholes 2; Jen and Lilly 0

This morning we went to the blowholes that claimed to be the best in the world. They were awesome... and awesomely huge! Lilly traversed the lava rocks to stand right next to the blowhole and I shortly followed her. We watched the water shoot up from the blowhole and it was amazing... the water was so strong and powerful. Then suddenly the blowhole shot up in the other direction and Lilly and I were knocked down.... and not just knocked down but thrown several feet across the lava rocks. Lilly's hand was slashed on the rocks and she bashed her knee... I scraped my leg and my arm. Thankfully we didn't hit our heads on the rocks and the only things that was brought back to the ocean were my sunglasses and a coconut. Cammi was able to take a picture right when it threw us down and you can just see two blobs on the ground... which were us.
This was our last day staying with Lilly's family. They were so nice but tried to feed us too much. They learned that we love pineapple and pineapple was served with every meal.
We've also learned that the creatures that live in the walls aren't as scary when you name him.. so now the rat is named Sopapilla, the giant spider is named Sam, and the cat is named Sitead. Whatever food we would leave out (especially apples) Soapapilla would go after.
We are heading to the beach soon to camp out on the beach... though Lilly says it's not really camping because we're staying in this shack on the beach.... or beach fale... camping sounds a little more fun though. Once we're there I'm sure Lilly and I will count our battle wounds to see who has the most. I'm quite sure I'll win this one.
I'm looking forward to relaxing on the beach for a while. I've brought 3 books (thanks Dad you trained me well) as well as my journal so I can keep track of everything we've done.
Thanks for listening... Jen

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