Monday, December 20, 2010

Scuba Diving

Salvadios and Jen-two of my amazing sisters at the beach by our house.

Me and Salvadios hanging out of the beach. This is the day she learned to do hand stands in the water...too bad the waves kept crashing on her.

Jen and me on the scuba boat.

Scuba diving
When I was told that I was coming to the Pacific to volunteer, one thought popped into my head, scuba diving. I was hoping that I could spend any free time doing this, and it excited me.
I am not diving as much as I was hoping, but enjoying the few dives I have been on here. The problem with diving here is the months that we have the most free time to dive, is the months of cyclone season. Several times we tried to dive last year, and it was cancelled because of strong winds, hurricane warnings, cyclones warning, and pretty much bad luck. I did make it out in March, and when I was visiting Tonga took advantage of their amazing coral and went several times.
Thankfully while Jen was here, despite coming during cyclone season and having rain, nothing disrupted our dives. We enjoyed seeing turtles, a ship wreck, electric clams, eagle rays and much more. It was a lot of fun.
Even though I don’t go to the ocean as much as I was hoping when I originally found out I was moving to the Pacific, I still really enjoy having such a beautiful clean ocean right outside my bedroom window.

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