Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guest entry from Lilly's sister

Well I'm not sure I knew what to expect when I booked this trip to Samoa. The only thing I really cared about was that I was going to see my sister. As the trip came closer and closer it began to hit me that after a year I was going be able to gossip with my sister again.
I decided to follow in Lilly's lead and try In n Out burger while I was stuck in LA for the day. All I can say is that Lilly is definitly wrong on some things and I was just not impressed...
The trip was long but after passing through customs with was well worth it all to see Lilly's smiling face waiting for us.
And Lilly hadn't changed at all... she had just as much energy as she did when before. After arriving at the hotel and eatting breakfast we immediately caught a cab to the Robert Louis Stevenson house where we did a hike to his grave. Since it's the rainy season the path was extremely slippery and thankfully the only thing that I hurt was my pride as I slipped when I was coming down the mountain. When we made it to the top we took tons of pictures (shocking I know).
We took a cab back to the city and after a quick trip to the Peace Corps office we were on our way to sliding rocks, the natural water slide. Wow that was fun... though extremely intimidating. As we looked at the water rushing over the side Cammi and I both looked at each other and said "That looks like a spinal cord injury waiting to happen" There are times like these that I wish I didn't think like a medical person.
Thankfully Lillian was brave enough to go first and I'm glad she did because we both followed. It was such a rush! We went down all the waterfalls and had a great time!
In the evening we went to Aggie Grays and saw the dinner show. Lilly was nice enough to volunteer that I danced on stage with one of the dancers. Thankfully this was no marriage ceremony and I will be coming back home single (This happened to me in Africa).
Overall the trip has been exciting and we've only been here a day and a half.
Today we took the ferry over to Savaii and I'm excited to see how Lilly has really been living for the last year. The people have been friendly so far... and I feel like I'm with a celebrity sometimes when everyone knows Lilly for her running. But I have to wonder if when we get back to the states if it will be the same thing.. if so Lilly and I can run across the reflecting pool in DC together (think Forrest Gump... run Lilly... Jenny... nevermind).
Oh and before I forget... it's hot here... like hot hot... though I'm trying not to complain. I'm trying to experience it all.
Thank you all for listening to me ramble. I know my writing may not be as good as Lilly's but I'm glad I could share. I'm sure I'll have more to tell by the end of this trip....

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