Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Planes, Umu, and Dancing

I am sitting here in Salelologa, and have so much to share with everyone about the adventures I had when Jen and Cammi were visiting, that I have to clue where to even begin. I have scrapes, cuts, and bruises covering me, but it does not bother me because they each have an amazing story to tell.
While we were waiting for the 3 hour delay for my sister's flight to America, I took out a pen and began labeling where they came from. Even though some of them are still fresh and hurt, it bright a gigantic smile to my face.
On that plane were 10 members of my Peace Corps family, and a few Peace Corps from Tonga, and it was just as sad to see them go. Some of these people have been there through all of the ups and downs in my life for the past year and are true family members, and it is sad to think they won't be a bus ride away any more. It made me realize how gigantic our country really is. A flight ride in America to visit my parents from Rocky Mountains to East Coast, takes the same amount of time as visiting a neighboring country here. Even though I might complain about sitting on a bus all day to visit someone, I really have to remember, at least I can get where I need to. I know those that have left will still be there for me, but it will never be the relationship we had here.
I can't be too down about it though, because since one group cos-ed (closed of serviced), it gave room for new and energetic volunteers to come. I am pleased to report, they have now been Samoa-ized. No longer do they smell like dryer sheets, they are now smelling like bucket washed clothes. They know how to build an umu (outdoor ovens) and maybe even climb a tree or two. They are coming out to there new sites on Saturday, which means I will have a new neighbor, Devon.
Group 83 will be sure to make 2011 an amazing year in Samoa. (With of course the help of 82...alofa outou!)
A few hours ago I was sad as I waved goodbye to Jen and Cammi, but became excited, because it is the start of the New Year. The only thing left to do in 2010 is dance. And I will make sure to siva as much as possible on Christmas Day!

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